A Trend Of Shock Value Added to TV Shows



Ever since Game of Thrones Season one shocker of the death of the main protagonist, I have noticed a trend among all showrunners in hollywood to add some shock treatment to their series but does this come at the cost of the integrity of the show. What I mean is, does the sudden nature of any event fit the world within the series or did the writers just include to get a bump in media and social media coverage?

Here is a list of the most recent examples (assembled by Sherif El Refai) and you can judge for yourself:

– Game of Thrones – Execution of Ned Stark

– House of Cards – Subway Train Jump of Zoe Barnes

– The Walking Dead – Death of Lizzie & Mika

– Family Guy – Brian’s car accident

– Downton Abbey – Lady Sybil

– Game of Thrones – “Red Wedding” & “Purple Wedding”


Published by

Sherif El-Refai

Sherif El-Refai is a recent graduate of the University of Florida’s Hough Graduate School of Business. He received a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in competitive strategy along with the market and global management. He has experience of working as a pharmacy technician.

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