Different Subsets of Lung Cancer Respond to Different Treatments

Markey Cancer Center  pic
Markey Cancer Center
Image: ukhealthcare.uky.edu

Holding several advanced degrees in the area of pharmaceutical sciences, Sherif El-Refai has devoted nearly 10 years of study to the eradication of cancer. In addition to serving in the University of Kansas College of Pharmacy Black Lab, where he conducts lung cancer research to assist in developing more efficient treatments, Sherif El-Refai serves the Markey Cancer Center in the position of oncology pharmacist.

In the study of lung cancer, several subsets of the disease exist. Researchers say that because of the existence of these multiple subsets, the approach to treating the disease should vary for each patient based on which subset their cancer falls into.

Such findings came about as a result of a study recently published in the science journal Oncogene.

According to a press release, a group of University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center scientists examined data from more than 1,000 non-small-cell lung cancers, provided by the Cancer Genome Atlas, and organized them into specific classifications.

Senior author Chad Creighton shared that the different cancer subsets may respond differently to the same treatment. By knowing the makeup of each subset and how they react to each type of therapy, the research will aid in improving patient outcomes.

Published by

Sherif El-Refai

Sherif El-Refai is a recent graduate of the University of Florida’s Hough Graduate School of Business. He received a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in competitive strategy along with the market and global management. He has experience of working as a pharmacy technician.

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