Undervalued Reasons for Getting an MBA

Sherif El-Refai is an experienced pharmaceutical professional who studied in the Eshelman School of Pharmacy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In addition to holding his doctor of pharmacy degree, Sherif El-Refai recently earned a master of business administration from the University Of Florida’s Hough Graduate School of Business.

While many professionals pursue a master of business administration (MBA) in hopes of receiving a larger paycheck or gaining improved employment, there are several additional benefits that can be attributed to a continued business education. Enhanced perspective is one overlooked advantage of taking two years off to gain an MBA. In today’s deadline-driven business landscape, few professionals are provided the opportunity to step back, evaluate their environment, and consider how things might be done in different ways. An MBA classroom is the perfect place to discuss current issues and future trends of the business world.

Business school is not always viewed as a networking opportunity, particularly by those who step away from their professional career to enter into an MBA program. A number of successful business leaders, however, have completed MBA programs; establishing relationships at school can result in an important connection or partnership down the line. Finally, while some students go on to establish and run their own enterprises, many more join the leadership at successful businesses. Further, engaging in and, at times, leading an MBA class discussion is excellent preparation for the boardroom meetings and project reviews that define a business professional’s life.


Musical Inspiration Series: Taylor Guitars

In a first of many posts, I will highlight different influences to inspire the many musicians out there to produce melodies and get their creative juices flowing.

Acoustic guitars, more so than electric guitars, have a distinct sound that is recognized the world over. Taylor guitars are the epitome of capturing that unique sound and applying it to their trade of manufacturing guitars. Headquartered in el Cajon, California and manufacturing in El Cajon and in Tecate, Mexico – their guitars are easily considered the best sounding and easiest to play guitars in the world.

From Taylor Swift to Jason Mraz to Black Sabbath co-founder Toni Iommi – many famous artists have expressed their love for Taylor guitars and how the instrument holds key to their musical inspiration.

The featured image above is a picture of my, Sherif El-Refai, Taylor guitar. Will it push me across my musical boundaries?

A Bried Analysis of World Cup 2014 in Brazil

A Bried Analysis of World Cup 2014 in Brazil

These last four years have flown by so quickly that we already find ourselves in the midst of a new episode of the World Cup, filled with the same football fanatics, sideline entertainment and the palpable amount of glory. Here is a brief analysis created by yours truly, Sherif El Refai.

A Trend Of Shock Value Added to TV Shows



Ever since Game of Thrones Season one shocker of the death of the main protagonist, I have noticed a trend among all showrunners in hollywood to add some shock treatment to their series but does this come at the cost of the integrity of the show. What I mean is, does the sudden nature of any event fit the world within the series or did the writers just include to get a bump in media and social media coverage?

Here is a list of the most recent examples (assembled by Sherif El Refai) and you can judge for yourself:

– Game of Thrones – Execution of Ned Stark

– House of Cards – Subway Train Jump of Zoe Barnes

– The Walking Dead – Death of Lizzie & Mika

– Family Guy – Brian’s car accident

– Downton Abbey – Lady Sybil

– Game of Thrones – “Red Wedding” & “Purple Wedding”