University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center – Cancer Support Services


UK Markey Cancer Center

A researcher at the University of Kentucky (UK) College of Pharmacy’s Black Lab, Sherif El-Refai studies how gene expression affects a person’s response to cancer therapy. Outside of his role as a researcher, Sherif El-Refai treats patients as an oncology pharmacist at the UK Markey Cancer Center.

In addition to offering cutting-edge cancer treatment, the Markey Cancer Center provides a wide range of support services to help patients cope with both physical and emotional pain. The center’s support services include nutrition planning, psycho-oncology services to treat anxiety and depression, art therapy, support groups, and palliative care at UK HealthCare.

The Markey Cancer Center also features a Jin Shin Jyutsu program, through which practitioners use gentle touch on targeted parts of the body to restore harmony to the body’s energy system. All of the center’s cancer patients receive five free sessions with a practitioner of this ancient healing art.

Also offering integrative medicine, or complementary medicine, the Markey Cancer Center combines traditional medicine with the use of mind-body practices and natural products. The center’s integrative medicine offerings range from acupuncture and massage therapy to hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques.

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The UK Markey Cancer Center – NCI-Designated